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Admission Information

Thank you for considering Diamond Ridge High School! Diamond Ridge High School is a ‘school of choice’ for students who want a different type of school environment and experience. As a unique program, Diamond Ridge operates under the same rules and expectations found in a traditional high school setting, while offering smaller classes, a 24-credit diploma, easy access to Canyons Technical Education Center (CTEC), credit recovery and academic skills support. With a focus on academics and career/college readiness, Diamond Ridge also works with community resources and programs to help students who may need physical and emotional health support, social services, youth development, community engagement and job supports. We have the resources to help students and families remove barriers to graduation. Our goal is for students to succeed!

To enroll at Diamond Ridge High School (DRHS):

  1. Complete and submit the Diamond Ridge High School Student Application.  Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted or considered. Applications can be personally delivered or mailed to the address listed above. Applications can also be submitted by email. Please email directly to Principal Amy Boettger at amy.boettger@canyonsdistrict.org.
  2. If applying from outside Canyons School District, it is the parent and student responsibility to provide Diamond Ridge with a complete official transcript from the student’s current school. Applications will be considered incomplete without a transcript!
  3. The student’s current school completes the Diamond Ridge High School Referral Form. If the student receives Special Education Services, the IEP Team Lead must also sign the Referral Form. (If you are not within Canyons School District and need a copy of the Referral Form, please email and request a form from our registrar at: suzanne.hales@canyonsdistrict.org.
  4. Parents and students must supply Diamond Ridge High School with a copy of the student’s birth certificate and current immunization record.
  5. Online registration will need to be completed upon acceptance, including payment of registration fees. Fees will be adjusted per quarter, for students entering Diamond Ridge later in the school year. Fees may be waved in accordance with state regulations. For information on fee waivers, refund policies and other details, contact Diamond Ridge Principal, Amy Boettger at amy.boettger@canyonsdistrict.org.
  6. Accepted student and their parent/guardian must attend an orientation for review of Diamond Ridge High Schools rules, student and parent expectations and procedures. Orientation dates will be given at time of acceptance.
  7. Until Steps 1-6 are completed, a student will not be fully enrolled in Diamond Ridge High School.
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