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Attendance Policy

Daily Attendance Expectations
Students are expected to attend the entire class period for all scheduled classes each school day, including Fridays.  If a student is unable to attend school, their parent/guardian is responsible for notifying the office the day before, the day of, or the school day immediately after to report the student’s absence.

Friday attendance is no longer optional:  ALL students MUST attend each Friday! 
Students may be excused each Thursday by their advisory|homeroom teacher, if the student has met the following weekly criteria:
    – Student is passing all classes
    – Student has no assignments due; and
    – Student is meeting all attendance requirements

Reporting an Absence
A parent/guardian may contact (801) 826-9900 to report an absence. You also may text our school cell phone at (801) 520-3428.

Absences may be excused for:
● Medical appointment with physicians note upon return to school
● Parent/guardian contact verifying illness or family emergency
● Court appearances with documentation
● Bereavement
● Special family or religious events
● Pre-approved Educational Leave, up to (10) days of school. An Educational Leave Form must be submitted 5-10 school days prior to absences and all assignments must be completed upon return to school. Forms are available in the office.

All other absences will be marked as unexcused and may impact student learning and grades. We recommend that medical and dental appointments are made prior to or after school. However, we recognize that some circumstances do not make this possible.

For the Complete Attendance Policy, please see Canyons School District Board Policy 500.35 – Excessive absence from school is defined as five or more unexcused absences and seven or more excused absences during an entire school year. Absences do not need to be consecutive for them to be deemed excessive. Your parent/guardian Agreement to Compulsory Education Letter was part of your Online Registration for your student. Note: students who miss or are tardy more than eight (8) times a quarter, in one or more classes, may forfeit their privilege to attend Diamond Ridge. This rule is known as “8 You Skate,” or “8USk8.” Students, don’t let this happen to you!

Promptness is crucial to a smooth start of each school day. When students are tardy it is not only disruptive to that student but also to the teachers’ instruction and the other students’ learning time. Tardiness may only be excused by parent or medical note with a valid excuse. *Bad weather will always be considered. Please drive safely.

Checking Out of School
Students leaving prior to the end of a school day must be signed out at the main office by an authorized individual identified in Skyward. Once the student is signed out, the office will call the student to the office. Please call in advance so the student can be properly notified by the office and excused. Students who are checked out are not allowed to remain on campus.

Home Visits
Diamond Ridge faculty and staff may on occasion stop by the home to visit a student and their parent if the student has not been attending school. Home visits are used when other communication methods have not been successful in contacting the student or family.

Attendance Make-Up: Raptor Redemption
Raptor Redemption is when you meet with a teacher, before or after school, to make up an absence or get help with assignments. Students also may meet with a counselor or the student advocate during Raptor Redemption to make up an absence. To ensure the absence is made up, let the main office staff know you need Raptor Redemption before meeting with your teacher or counselor. They will help you track the make-up.

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