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Students should be absent only if they are ill or have a valid emergency. Please contact Diamond Ridge prior to any expected or planned student absences. Excessive absences may result in loss of credit and reassignment to the student’s boundary.

Student Absences
Absences are recorded by class period, not by entire school day. A student missing more than eight (8) classes in one or more classes per quarter may result in loss of credit. Chronic truancy may result in reassignment to the student’s boundary school. Students may makeup absences on Friday mornings or as pre-approved by the student’s teacher.

Excused Absences
Absences will only be excused by a doctor’s note provided to the school within three (3) days of the student’s absences.

Prearranged Absences/Vacation
Parent/guardian requests for extended student absence because of travel should be referred to the main office. The dates to be missed and the nature of the absence must be included in the requests. Vacations and appointments should be scheduled outside of class time unless absolutely unavoidable. It is the student’s responsibility to get all assignments from each teacher and arrange to make up missed work. Prearranged absences are considered class absences and may count toward the absence limits discussed above.

Absence Make-Up: Raptor Redemption
Students who need help on assignments, are failing one or more class(es), and/or have excessive absences must attend “Raptor Redemption” Friday mornings 8:30 – 10:00 am to make up absences.

School-Related Absences
School related absences DO NOT count toward the attendance policy:

  • Field trips, sport activities, and absences approved by the principal as school related absences;
  • Guidance/Administrative/Group Meetings;
  • Late bus;
  • Prearranged college visits or job interviews for seniors only; (limit 2 per semester)
  • Participation in regional, state, and/or national competition of a non-school organization that fosters development of a student’s physical, academic, performing, or exhibition of arts/talents which are/is the culmination of a year’s participation and which would reflect favorably on the school and community. Absences under this guideline must be preapproved by the principal.
  • Preapproved observance of religious holidays as requested in writing by parent/guardian.

Arriving Early/ Staying After School
Students may not come more than 15 minutes early to school or remain more than 15 minutes after school unless they are participating in club, academic support activities, or are otherwise under the supervision of a staff member.

Checking In and Out of School
Students are required to check in and out through the main office when arriving late for school, or leaving school before the end of the school day.

  • Parent permission is required for all students checking out. Parents may only excuse their own student.
  • Students are encouraged to take responsibility and work with parents and the school to account for all absences.

A student is truant when their absence is not authorized by a legal guardian or without official permission from school staff. A student’s truancy count remains in effect throughout the school year. Truancy citations may also be given for:

  • not being in their assigned class during school hours
  • leaving class without permission
  • being out of class without a hall pass
  • not properly checking in or out through the main office

Chronic absenteeism/truancy may lead to reassignment to the student’s boundary school.

Homebound Services
Home-hospital services are available for absences due to illness that lasts longer than two weeks. An application with the legal guardian’s signature and doctor’s note is required for short or long-term Homebound Services to be approved. Students may continue earning credit while on Homebound Services. Lengthy illness may require a student’s placement on long term Homebound Services. Please contact the office for more information.

Homework Make-Up Policy

  • If a student has an excused absence, they will, by policy, be given an opportunity to make up missed work or assignments.
  • Students/parents are to contact the DRHS main office to request homework/assignments.
  • Makeup work/assignments must be completed and turned in to the teacher on or before the deadline set by the teacher. 
  • Absences should be reported to the DRHS main office (801-826-9900) the day of the absence.  
  • Students are expected to make up all work, as determined by the teacher, in order to receive a passing grade and credit at the end of the term.
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